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Stacked fishtail plaits with rose hair bobble

Matching hair for me and my girlie today. I do have matching sets as bundles available on my Etsy store and can custom make for you and your little one as required.
Not brave enough yet to try a four/ five strand ribbon braid and my little one does not have the patience to let me practice so I needed to do a improvisation so I could add some ribbon to my little ones hair.

We went for a loose fishtail with stacked plait on top finished with a pink glitter with pearl centre rose. £1 each available from:

I added pink and purple ribbon into the little ones but if I were to do again I wouldn’t add the ribbon into the bottom fishtail plait I’d only add to the top plait. Apart from that pretty pleased with these and bonus – they were quick to do!

What do you think?!!

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Thank You

It’s back…. Thank you to those of you who have pm’d me – after a few videos and some new page likes I have now got my inspiration back and as a result attempted a hair style I remember looking at a few months ago and shying away from – the stack pigtail plaits!
I’m so proud of myself for giving them a go and whilst not perfect I really enjoyed doing and I’ll be definitely giving them another whirl.


On another note and as a thank you to anyone who has bought, swapped or won any of my products see photo below and social media posts for info on how to get 25% off orders in January.


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Matching Hair With Auntie 2

After my last post with Christmas tree matching hair for my girlie with her Auntie Cac Cac thought I needed to do another post for matching hair with her Auntie Sar Sar Fairy – please note these names have been created by my girlie and are nothing to do with me – haha!

Ok this time large ribbon bows with diamanté detail. These really are a statement piece and will be ideal for party season – my girlie wore this snowman one for her nursery party and it did initiate a lot of conversations – you really cannot miss it!

I am taking custom orders on these at £6.50 each or two for £12.00.

Available here:


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Christmas Tree Hair Attempt 2&3

Following my earlier post I had to have another go at this.

So new stars made – a gold, silver and red one for the top of the tree!

Had to take the opportunity whilst we had Auntie Cac Cac to stay to redo these!

So first up Auntie Cac Cac’s with a gold star followed by my little ones with a red star – her favourite colour.

What do you think of my 2nd and 3rd attempts??

Think I’ll be having a few more goes at this between now and Christmas – yay!!!

Hair accessories:
Alligator clip stars – £1 available in red, blue, silver, gold.
Rose style hair bobble in rose pink £1
Small bow hair bobble in red with gold and green glitter snowflakes £1 for a pack of two.

All available now and ready to post –


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Christmas Tree Hair

My first and by no means perfect attempt at Christmas Tree Hair.

Absolutely fell in love with this thanks to the fantastic tutorial and photos by Two Little Girls Hairstyles. Post here: https://www.facebook.com/twolittlegirlshairstyles/photos/a.425534720958123.1073741829.424792974365631/656752594503000/?type=3

And you tube link here: https://youtu.be/DfYbpiXFF5M

Will definitely be attempting this again – so pretty and festive! And hopefully can tidy it up a bit – my little one sat happily to let me do it too! Bonus…

This one included a small glitter bow – now on sale at £1 with Santa hat centre and a bow tie all bobble in red with gold and green glitter snowflakes – now also on sale for a 2 pack at £1.

Although now need to get crafting for some super sparkly sequin star tree topper clips for the occasion.

What colour star shall I add to the top?!!

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Where it all began…

Last week I posted as my #TBT #throwbackthursday one of the first photos I took of me crafting in my little office/ craft room.
The reason all of this started was because my little girlie wanted prettier hair bobbles than we could find in the shops.
Seeing her little face every morning after an evening crafting just makes me feel soooo proud!

I can barely believe how far I’ve come and how many ideas and plans I have for moving forward in such a short space of time, I am glad I took the leap of faith! It’s great getting stuck into something and seeing it grow!

Keep an eye on my social media pages as lots of new lines will be coming…

My little one still selects the purple roses to wear which were my original bobbles even though she now has a much wider choice which is just so cute! So I have also included a photo with a classic French plait!

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Rose Style Hair Bobbles

This morning I let my little one choose which Bobbles she wanted in her hair… She selected these roses which I just love the colour of and to be honest I think are my favourite product. I wear one of the rose hair bobbles most days myself.
Will develop these in the new year to include gem/pearl centres and am also looking at larger roses and double layered two-tone roses too!
Today’s hair style was half up-half down plait – all into a ponytail to keep it neat for a day at nursery.

These bobbles are £3.00 for a pack of three or two sets (so 6 bobbles) for £5.00…
Lots of colours ready and available now and can custom make if required!

All links to relevant pages are shown below, or comment for more info!

Etsy –

Instagram – @memoriesmomentsmore

Facebook –

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